About Brendan Florez

I am a business builder, a systems thinker, a student and a teacher. Currently I am Managing Director at Ondo (among other things). I live in Saint Louis, Missouri.

About This Site

On this site I write about whatever interests me. Usually that will mean things like health and wellness, finance, investments, business, management, philosophy, psychology, and philanthropy. Sometimes it will mean other things.

The content will be varied. Sometimes it may be long, thoughtful posts. Sometimes it may simply be a quote. If I quote someone else and I have the reference easily available, I’ll cite it. If not, I won’t. I make no claims that everything on this site is unique or original. A lot of times it will simply be me sharing or reflecting on things that other people have written down or figured out. The probability that I come up with the best idea is rare. So I learn and share.

I mostly write for myself but hope that others might benefit from it too.