Many people took off the past two weeks for the holidays, so today marks the beginning of the new ‘work year’. For some, it may also represent the start of a new role or even an entirely new job.

Though I’ve been working on this for some time now, today marks my official first day as Managing Director of Centinel. As such, it has me thinking a lot about beginnings and how much they can matter.

Beginnings are a unique time. Almost everything is a ‘first’: a first impression; a first policy; a first decision; a first precedent. One of my favorite eras in history to study is the founding of the United States government. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence though the drafting of the Constitution to Washington’s first administration, the Founders were keenly aware that what they said and did in those early days set the tone and character for all that was to come. As such, those early days shaped our country and its government in ways that were uniquely powerful. This is true of personal relationships, too.

The start of a new role and especially the founding of a new company is similar. Though the scale and magnitude is not likely to be as large as founding a new country, those early days nevertheless have an oversized impact on what’s to come. That’s why I believe it’s so important to think carefully about what messages and precedents are set.

Many of are thankful to be done with 2020. As we begin 2021, let’s remain mindful to start on the right foot.

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